Last session for Amy’s yearbook

Hurrah, at last we are getting out and about for session.

I loved this little sequence… going, going, gone! Big grin!

Mum is chatting to big brother Harry, and Amy, unsure, decides to launch herself down the slide, the look of

panic on mum’s face as she makes a grab, and the big grin from Amy – “Fooled ya!”



Is Spring here?

Just did a beach shoot for a family the night before going on my Easter holidays. I loved this shot, and without spoiling it for the birthday granny,

this will not give the gift suprise away!

We had a lovely evening, and just a little sunlight enough to add a lovely feel to the images.

I dashed off, went on my hols, and just processed this batch this morning and wanted to share one.

Business as usual, sounds like spring did not arrive while I was away… hopefully it will now!



Lot’s of lovely babies…

Since I got back from my trip away, the studio has been filled with lovely newborn babies, so I thought one

post to cover all babies! I love those moments with baby toes, beautiful mummies, despite tiredness coming

in with the babies under 10 days old, and still managing to have such amazing look of love on their faces, that

radiates away tiredness, and shines a beacon of love as they look at their babies.

Daddies who’s strong arms and hands tenderly hold such small people. That look of wonder that says “Look

who we made!”

Magic moments- please give me plenty of notice of your due date, and get your little ones in under 10 days old

for those sweet images.


Included in the set of images below, there is also a baby aged 8 weeks, and this brings a totally different look

to your photographs, with easy smiles and wonderful eye connection. Babies are fab to photograph at every age!

5108-025 5108-017 5108-002 5105-038 5105-030 5105-023 5105-016 5105-013 5103-047 5103-027 (1) 5103-026 5103-007tway

Valentine’s Day Wedding…

What a lovely day for a wedding- and Tina & Nigel were so lucky with the weather, mild and sunny. A family drink before

heading off to the greffe, then perfectly rounding off the day with afternoon tea at the OGH. All these images are posting

in reverse order, I’m still learning about my new blog!

I love this first (Last) image, looks like these two gentlemen are playing chess. Tina was radiant with a stunning smile

all day that did not leave her face. The grandchildren were delightful, and provided plenty of photo material.

A lovely honeymoon in Paris followed.

All the best, Nigel and Tina!

5102-232 5102-216 5102-199 5102-192 5102-190 5102-171 5102-169 5102-166 5102-157 5102-153 5102-102 5102-064 5102-002

Follow this link….

This is where you’ll find me for the next few days- in Keswick in the beautiful Lake District.

I am up at 5.00am to see what my assignment is, and even when I know, I can’t blog it!

But you can follow the group on instagram and facebook, and take a peek behind the scenes.

Workshop year two

I know these posts are going in reverse, but it’s hard to think backwards when making them!

Off tomorrow for the workshop, (see below) and here are some images from year two.

And the amazing ladies at ‘Punktured’ in Brighton, a fab crew and some great moments.

A huge thank you to the public who were so sporting with their piercings to let me in!


yasmin-028 copy yasmin-024 copy yasmin-015 copy yasmin-014 copy yasmin-010 copy yasmin-005 copy

Going ‘Dark’

Well, that’s it, the last shoot of the day has just left, a sweet little fella called Joseph, who behaved

like a dream for his shoot. Now I am ‘going dark’ until next weekend, when I can tell you all about

my adventures in Keswick. If you remember I hosted a workshop here in Guernsey last Feb and brought

30 photographers over to trail various local people in a documentary workshop. This year we are going

to Keswick, in the Lake District- a first for me!

I have no idea what I will be shooting (as per the workshop format) and I’m looking forward to my annual

shot in the arm. Mixing with creatives, and inspirational photographers who spur me to work harder, and

‘see’ better is always a challenge and sets me up for the year’s shooting.

Follow the workshop blog here, and see what we have done in the past, and what members get up to:

Starting with the talented Jo Tennant and her dancers:

The workshop we did in Guernsey last year:

I’m going to upload a small selection from previous years workshops so you can see what we do. This was ‘Year 1’ of MV workshops

for me, and I’d just got back from sunny Australia, so they decided a stint on the ice would ‘cool me down’ and I was put on to

Worthing Ice Rink, in the snow, outdoors for two very long, cold days! Here are some of the images from that time:

Day TWO-055 Day ONE-0168 Day ONE-0160 Day ONE-0079



Baby Sweetness

There are so many lovely photos from this session, but just the one here for a little preview for Mummy- as I want to keep the others

as a suprise!


Another newborn, and this little chap just crept over the 10 day limit, and boy, could I see the difference! Babies just ‘uncurl’ so much

when they reach 2 weeks, and what is a usually straightforward session becomes more challenging!

Never one to be defeated, we got a lovely set of images for this little fella, more will be blogged after his Mummy has had her first viewing.










Still figuring out how this new blog works, and I’m behind on blogging latest work, so some photos are too big, others too small!

Please bear with me if I have not blogged your session yet, I am working my way through a bit of a back log.


Well, here we have the adorable Harley, I love the one with her Dad’s belt in!


Harley’s Mum and Dad made the huge effort to get into the studio before Harley was at he 10 day limit for newborns, and were rewarded

with a cup of tea for their efforts- and a stunning set of images of Harley.

I love the one of her with the pink edging and the sweet smile. Baby smiles are like a whisper, they come and are gone very quickly

and it’s a great moment when I can capture one.

Please get in touch as soon as you can with your newborn. Spaces are limited and I will do my best to fit all comers in.



5099-032 5099-003 5099-041

Baby Giggles

This is the second session I have done for this family, and this lovely little boy has grown from a curled up little chap into a very smiley,

happy little boy! He giggled and kicked his way through his session and enjoyed all the attention.

I look forward to watching him grow as we complete his year book.

If you would like details of the Year Book package, please use the ‘contact me’ tab and send me an email.




5100-011 5100-023 5100-027 5100-003 5100-002


Exercise in Black and White

An unusual job came in last year, and produced some lovely large black and white images which I will

share one here. It’s of Richmond cafe, in winter with a moody sky… just right for a dog walk!

While I working on the assignment, a house restoration I also popped into the Vazon cafe (as it was)

and took some images of it. I need to get around to processing those as well!

If your a fan of moody B&W’s enjoy…







Colourful fun



Nothing quite so lovely as twins, I don’t know why we are so facinated by two little ladies who arrive at once, but we are!

These little misses were as good as gold (all my babies are!) and after just a couple of hours we had some lovely stuff to keep.

New photo post


Baby feet are so sweet!

Nothing cutier than baby feet, and this time a set of two!

New photo post


New photo post


Great balls of fire!

Keep an eye on the school page to see how you can learn to play with fire, and most of all, create stunning images.



Floating orbs of light- find out how, by keeping an eye on the photoschool page:


Light painting

Guernsey photoschool strikes again! Light painting and having fun. If you’d like to join us and find out how to do ‘extreme’ photography get along to the web page and keep an eye out for upcoming evenings.


Little Boy…

Mummy and baby = LOVE

Sweet moment


Lion King…

I call this the ‘Lion King’ pose… the pride of Daddy, as he holds his son aloft. He won’t be able to do this for long as we know, they grow so quickly!


Photoschool fun

This was a new venture for us, a photoschool party. 15 girls for a 14th birthday party. And we found out, girls just wanna have fun!

We started outside in wellyboots, light painting, and finished up indoors for some warmpth and a fashion shoot. (well, it was raining outside!) The girls were fab, not at all shy and Isabelle had a great party.

Let me know if you’d like an unusual way to celebrate your birthday, with photographic memories to keep!


Family in Black and White

Love Alexa’s style. She always thinks through what the family will wear for their photosessions. This time it was black and white. Lovley little family.


Sugar and spice…

Nothing twice as nice as two little sisters



Such a lovely big sister, she entertained her baby sister so well, and they clearly adore each other.


Lovely lips…


Those earliest photos of a new baby in your family. You just became a family of three.

Wonderful moment to capture.


Daddies and Babies..

Love a man holding a baby. Just the tenderness between father and son is so lovely to capture.


Baby toes

A nest full of cuddly little baby. With toes. Gotta love those toes.



Nothing nicer than twins for photos, I don’t know why we are so facinated by twins, but two times nicer can only be a good thing.