Wedding Bells for Chris and Mel

Chris and Mel knew from the first moment they met 17 years ago that they had found ‘the one.’

Guernsey Wedding


After having what the family called ‘the longest engagement ever’ made the wedding day itself all the more special said Mel.

A civil ceremony was the choice for the wedding itself, but as the party was going to be a big one, the couple chose St James over the Greffe. It was a beautiful place to get married, and Mel and Chris knew it was exactly what they wanted after going to see the venue.

Choosing the reception venue was an easy too, as regulars at the Duke of Richmond’s  Leopard Bar, the couple found the staff friendly and loved the décor – it was the perfect place for them.

We did a ‘Avant wedding shoot’ as a get to know you session with Mel and Chris, which was fun. We went for a walk around Castle Cornet, and the harbour area. Chris himself is a keen photographer, and although he was not initially keen to be in front of the camera, he soon relaxed and became a great model.
When the day for the wedding arrived we turned up at St James to see a very smart Chris, eagerly awaiting the arrival of his Bride. Chris wanted something a bit different for his wedding day attire, and he had chosen a steam punk waistcoat and an awesome pair of cufflinks and tie pin to match.

When Mel arrived she looked stunning, she had chosen a dress from Maggie Sottero Riviera , decadent Ava satin with Swarovski crystal lace appliques adorning the bodice , skirt and bateau neckline. Brought from Pretty Woman, Mel looked amazing wearing it. The flowers from Blossom & Green finished off the look.

Chris had chosen the song “Marry Me” by Train for Mel to walk down the isle to- it was perfect and Mel loved it.
Once the couple exchanged vows, using a stunning pair of rings designed by their friend Karl Le Prevost from Bruce Russell, it was off to the Duke of Richmond Hotel for a walk in the avenue of trees opposite for some fun photos with the wedding party.

The food was perfection, with cupcakes to finish the meal with. Speeches from the Father of the Bride and best man were followed by Chris’s speech which brought the house down, and was warmly received by family and friends, despite him confessing it was the only part of the day he was nervous about. You’d never guess!


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Civil Union at The Goring

The Goring is an exceptional hotel in the heart of London’s Belgravia, and was the perfect setting for Sam and Dawn’s Civil Partnership.

Close friends and family came together to celebrate their special day…


London Wedding Photography

London Wedding Photography

London Wedding Photography

London Wedding Photography

London Wedding Photography

London Wedding Photography

London Wedding Photography

London Wedding Photography

London Wedding Photography

London Wedding Photography


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Steve and Zita’s wedding

Friday was a wet and rainy day, with more wind and rain on the Sunday, but squeezed in-between was a perfect day for

Steve and Zita’s wedding!

Guernsey wedding

The wedding day went like a dream, with a nervous Zita arriving, but soon relaxing into a brilliant wedding day. Her family travelled from Latvia for the day, and table favours included some yummy Lativan chocolates.

The ceremony took place at St Matthew’s church, Cobo, then on to Castle Cornet for the reception. The Hatton Gallery was decorated beautifully and a cosy space for guests to enjoy the food and company.



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A Uniform Wedding

It’s not that often a uniformed wedding comes along, so I was delighted to document the wedding day of  Francesca and Raoul (a member of the local constabulary)

The wedding took place at St James Concert Hall amongst family and friends, followed by a reception at The Duke of Richmond Hotel.

Here’s a little section of images that sum up their wedding day…






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Love is in the air…

Spring has sprung, and love is definitely in the air. With a run of May weddings coming up, I’m all  set to get some ‘Avant’ pre-wedding shoots in. It’s all part of the service I offer, and is included with all but the entry level wedding packages. This is a great way to get some gorgeous romantic images for your wedding stationery, and an opportunity to plan how we work together in preparation of your big day.



Avant Wedding photographer Avant Wedding photographer Avant Wedding photographer Avant Wedding photographer Avant Wedding photographer Avant Wedding photographer Avant Wedding photographer Avant Wedding photographer Avant Wedding photographer Avant Wedding photographer Avant Wedding photographer Avant Wedding photographer engagement photography


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Raef’s newborn session

Raef is an adorable little hairy peanut! I love babies that arrive with a mop of hair.

He’s been as good as gold in the couple of sessions I have done for him. I’m looking forward to doing his year book as he joins his big brother Edwin.

Look at his sweet smile!


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newborn baby photography

newborn baby photography

newborn baby photography

newborn baby photography

Summer Sun…

Time to add a bit of summer sunshine

I thought these beautiful blue skies were needed to cheer us up and turn our thoughts to the coming spring and summer.

A family session on the beach is a must to recall our Guernsey childhoods. Please think about booking in advance as the summer gets very busy with weddings and fairyland.

The session fee is usually £80, but you can now save £30 with a web voucher

Enjoy some happy carefree girls as they give me the run around on the beach…


family portraits

summer portraits guernsey

Family Portraits

Guernsey Portrait photography

Guernsey Portrait Photography

Guernsey Portrait photography

Guernsey Portrait Photography

Cake Smash.

OK, I’ll confess, I’d rather leave this to other photographers to clean up the mess. But occasionally, when I get asked,  the shoot is  always lot of fun!

So here is Thomas mashing up Grandma’s lovely cake effort.








Verity is a year old!

I’ve been following Verity’s first year month by month. It’s an honour to see these little people grow, see their new teeth, their sitting skills followed rapidly by walking! When parents sign up to a beautiful ‘Baby Year Book’ it always seems such along term project but that year goes by so quickly. As I’m not the one suffering the sleepless nights, I guess it goes even quicker for me.

Verity is a lovely ‘old fashioned’ baby, with sweet little cuddly rolls, curly blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. She’s a delight.

Here is a very small selection of images from over her first year.


newborn photography



newborn photography


Children photography


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Here comes the Bride

It’s a rare occasion that I get the luxury of time, and a model, to get out and shoot a ‘bride’ as a modelling project rather than a live wedding. So, when Simply Bridal approached me to do just that, I couldn’t resist!

Armed with a French netting veil from their extensive catalog and the lovely Chloe to model it, we set out to recreate some classic poses to show off the veil in various shapes and styles. The Vale Church made a beautiful backdrop to achieve the real wedding feel to the shots. Le Guet forest offered a natural juxtapose to the usual wedding gallery, and is very achievable to do for a real wedding where the couple have planned some extra time between ceremony and reception.

So, if you’ve saved the date and are looking for inspiration, head on over to and see their extensive range of dresses and accessories. And when you’re ready to book your photographer…  😉



Love is in the air…

They said they were searching for the next Robert Doisneau ‘The Kiss’ shot. I had that hanging on the wall in my house for years!

So I went through my archive of shots, and as it happens I do have a file I label ‘PDA’s’ (Public Displays of Affection) as my camera seems rather draw to them! Watch out it you like to kiss in public, or hold hands, I might be watching! I guess that’s why I enjoy wedding photography so much, people in love just havesuch a ‘feel good’ factor when captured in an image.

So, I submitted one of my photos taken in Seville, Spain. It was during the ‘Ferias’ a lovely colourful dressing up playground for people like me, who love to wander around with the camera.


Follow the link to see the shot.


Long live LOVE! Have a great Valentine’s Day.



Latest works…

It’s a very busy time of year, so posting up the ‘latest works’.

I know I will be thinking of all my clients handing over some amazing Christmas surprises to their family and friends.
My favourite ‘hand-over’ will be of a lady who bravely did a Boudoir session for her husband’s Christmas gift. She had some wonderful corsets to wear and he will have his eyes falling out of his head when he opens his gift!

He was hoping for an up-to-date photo of his wife, but he didn’t expect this!

I’ve made her promise to text me and let me know his reaction! I don’t suppose these photos will ever  make the website…


In other news, a lovely lady is going to be 100 in Jan, and she and her wonderful family got together for a scones and tea afternoon outing, and I was there to take the official photos. She looks amazing, I hope I’m in such good nick when (if) I get to 100! She did say  to me; ‘Not bad legs for an old lady!’ That made me laugh, ladies are still concerned with looking good, no matter the age- and yes, indeed, great legs!


New babies abound, and also a new prop- my lovely little buggy. Must admit, I may have got a tad carried away, by posing MY new baby in it too! Meet ‘Prince Albert’ my new corgi puppy (known to his friends as Bertie) I think he is adorable, and I’m sure you will agree!


Enjoy a look, and there will be more posted in the new year, once the gifts have been handed out.

Happy Christmas one and all.


IMG_0568soft B&W 5467-009 5467-007 5467-006 5467-002 5165-020 5165-019 5165-016 5165-013 5165-012 5165-011 5165-010 5165-009 5165-006 5165-004 5165-001 5164-017 5164-008 5164-003 5162-025

Dography… a fab week

We had a great week at Le Friquet over half term,working with children AND animals!

Here are some of my favourites from the week, from the marvellous Douglas the pug, and sailor hat, to

the sweetest guinea pig.




IMG_8960 IMG_8902 IMG_8868 IMG_8765 IMG_8747 IMG_8346 IMG_8333 IMG_8319 IMG_8307 IMG_8305 IMG_8251 IMG_8214 IMG_8171 IMG_8158 IMG_8061 IMG_8053 IMG_7851 IMG_7815 IMG_7801 IMG_7739

What you see is what you get….

Just a blog post to point out the obvious- all the images you see on my website have been taken by me.

You’d think that was a given, right? Some photographers locally are selling their work on the strength of images

they show- but have not taken. Using ‘stock’ images to show off their skills is not being honest. You may think you are getting

‘cheap’ photography packages, and trusting the photographer to get your one- off images of your wedding (no re-shooting there) or of your newborn baby, but will you be getting to the standard of the images you see on the website?


I can assure you are putting your wedding photography in safe hands when you choose me as your wedding photographer.

You can trust me with your new baby to capture those precious images- they will be along the lines of the work you already see on my website.


I will not be ‘conning’ you into booking by showing you work that is not representative of my style- “What you see is what you get!”


Book with confidence.



Baby Love….

Some beautiful babies in this week, I’m going to pop the last two in one post, as I’m a lazy blogger and need to get on processing some other work!

The ‘Lion King’ pose is very popular, but rather tricky to do, well done to this Daddy for holding his arms in a most uncomfortable position for rather a long time, and also to the baby, who was most obliging!

I can get through a newborn baby session in approximately 2 hours, and through using my ‘special’ techniques that I have devised, I have yet to be defeated by a baby who refuses to sleep and curl. I still prefer the newborn session to be taken under 10 days old. Then I can do my ‘baby magic’. 5146-020 5146-009 5143-050 5143-016 5143-022 5143-042 5143-014



Half term is ‘Pet Week’ At Le Friquet…

Once again, I have teamed up with our lovely local garden centre, and this time it’s ‘Pet Week’. Bring along your pet- any type for a shoot at the Friquet.

A local vet will be on hand to advise, with special offers on selected pet items, (see the Friquet for details)

and a photo shoot an competition.


Meanwhile, here are some lovely doggies!



5141-039 5141-027 5141-014 5141-016 5141-018 5141-024 5141-012 5141-004

Remembering beach fun…

Remembering the fun days of summer… but the way this October is going the winter is going to feel so short!

Some lovely sand and dunes shots and girls who love to run, and cheeky boys.4926-51 4925-71 4925-35 4925-31 4925-16 4922-13 4922-12 4922-09 4825-62 4825-56 4825-36 4825-30 4926-07



18 years old…

Isn’t she beautiful? How many of us at 18 ever realised how beautiful we were?

Yet looking back now, I’d love to tell my 18 year old self just how wonderful I was…

Roanne stands at the door of adulthood as she goes to the UK to start her independent life, and her Mum knowing just how much she will change has had photoshoot and book done for her.

It’s like the American’s have their ‘senior’ photographs… and it’s such a great time of life to record all that potential.

If you have a child going to uni next year, don’t leave it to the week before they go to get your photoshoot done, start thinking about it early summer.

5136-010 5136-019 5136-022 5136-045 5136-052 5136-056 5136-064 5136-071



Daniel and Margo get married!

It was a lovely day for a wedding, and Margo glowed all day long with a huge smile that never stopped, she looked fantastic in her dress.

Daniel looked amazed when he saw her arrive in the church, where the very friendly Vicar conducted a touching service.

With a stop off in Candie gardens, the bride and groom then walked to the Duke of Richmond hotel for the reception.

The reception glowed under the light of hundreds of candles and looked magical. A walk along the tree avenue outside the Duke of Richmond made for some fun shots of the wedding party.

The band for the evening was cracking with everyone up and dancing from the first note.

All in all, a very lovely wedding day.

5140-030 5140-076 5140-083 5140-109 5140-161 5140-188 5140-191 5140-195 5140-203 5140-207 5140-212 5140-220 5140-279 5140-297 5140-377 5140-389

Just one

A new baby book has been started with this one shot.

A baby year book is a lovely way to keep-sake baby’s first year. A regular photo session is scheduled from

bump, newborn, sitting, crawling, walking. The little human changes so much in the first 12 months of life, it

makes so many lovely memories of a time that passes so rapidly. (even if in the midst of the sleepless nights you think

it will go on forever!)


Welcome, Caspian

The gloriously named Caspian joined his big brother and sister, who are called Tallys and Elijah and their super

chilled mummy Autumn Summer, a local harpist. Autumn had her wonderful music recorded and playing as Caspian

entered the world. How wonderful, and what a super family they are.

Caspian you are a lucky little boy.


5134-013 5134-007

Stephanie and Sophie

Two friends one session- it’s the way to go!

If you want a solo shoot, but feel camera shy, just bring along a friend or two. It makes you forget the camera, and feel less

self conscious, and you get some great buddy photos too! We went on an island tour to a few of my outdoor ‘studios’ I have

numbers for them and like to run a circuit of them. I vary which places I use due to light and time of the year/tides etc.

So many variables that it never gets boring or you end up with lots of photos looking the ‘same’. (Altho’ I do admit to some faves!)

Stephanie’s glorious red hair was fab to shoot, and poor girl went home with a headache from all the head banging I had her do!


5128-036 5128-016 5128-007 5128-006 5128-002

A la perchoine…

Not ‘goodbye’ but ‘see you later’ to Jade. A quick session for Jade and her brother and sister before she headed off to Australia and jungle trekking!

A lovely family who will miss Jade very much (and me, she’s gone with my son!!)

As much as you will be missed, we wish you bon voyage, and godspeed as you set off on your travels. From teeny Guernsey to the great land mass that

is Australia, just a bit of a difference, then!

IMG_6686 IMG_6673 IMG_6672 IMG_6603


No one can resist the irrepressible Sarah Griffith, neither could I when asked to come along to St James and take some photos for the wonderful event

to raise monies for musical instruments for Haiti. Here are just a few shots from the evening. Splendid music, dancing, and some amazingly generous

donations and bidding for some super items donated. Including a stay at Chateau Charlie who give 50% of takings to support the Bridge to Haiti charity.

Wonderful stuff!


5140-071 5140-065 5140-059 5140-054 5140-050 5140-020

Beach Belles

It has been a fabulous summer, and there has been a lot of beach portraits for me. I love shooting on the beach, it’s Guernsey at it’s best!

This was a joint birthday party for two 11 year old young ladies who love to laugh, run around like crazies and eat cake!

So, 25 (or so) 11 year olds met on Grande Rocque beach for a run around, game of rounders, jumping in the water and a barbecue.

As you can see they had a blast.


5116-254 5116-247 5116-062 5116-036 5116-027 5116-004 5116-001

Fairyland at Le Friquet

The time is coming close, the opening of Fairyland at Le Friquet is soon!

Meet our Wonderful Wizard! He is a real wizard and children love him.

Meet Winter Fairy, our graceful dancer.

Meet the cheeky pixie, the woodland fairy.

Bring along the children, we have costumes up to six years for boys and 12 for girls, they will have an amazing experience in Fairyland, and a magical photoshoot.

There are a few spaces left, so click the Fairyland tab and book a space.

Some suprises in store, as well as beautiful costumes to wear.5138-9038 5138-9032 5138-9035 5138-9027 5138-9021 5138-9020 5138-9017 5138-007

Ruby Wedding anniversary- today!





Huge Congratulations to the Morris family, who today are celebrating Mum & Dad’s 40th Wedding anniversary.

40 Years ago the Morris’ came to Guernsey for their honeymoon, and look how lovely they are with each other!

A delightful family, and a privilege to photograph them all.

Thank you for asking me to share a small part in your celebrations, and have a fab meal at La Fregate tonight.

Don’t leave it so long before you come over again!



5132-089 5132-056 5132-048 5132-0345132-022

The Fairies come to Town!

Today St Peter Port saw a ‘Flutter of Fairies’ come to Town. The last day of the Town carnival was the perfect time to wander

the streets and bring a smile to many faces, and for some little people a frown as they tried to work out quite what was happening!


Many thanks to our wonder fairy girls who did a great job in telling the children where they could go to dress up and have their photo taken.

I think you can see who is the most determined to share and earn her ice cream! Fairies love getting paid in ice cream!


We managed to do our stroll around town, and get back in to the cars before the heavens opened.


5131-140 5131-130 5131-121 5131-109 5131-105 5131-098 5131-085 5131-083 5131-082 5131-077 5131-076 5131-075 5131-068 5131-061 5131-058 5131-057 5131-053 5131-046 5131-043 5131-037 5131-019 5131-015 5131-013 5131-007 5131-006 5131-005 5131-003 5131-002

Summer wedding at Le Guet, Guernsey

Despite all the grim weather we have had in early summer, the day dawned fine and bright for the wedding of Rhiana and Michael.

Rhiana was a stunning bride, natural and sweet and a bit wood nymph thrown in as well!

Michael, her handsome groom waited patiently for her to arrive at Le Guet, a beautiful location for a summer wedding.

The forest was hung with ribbons and white hearts, the sun shining down, casting a dappled light which made everything look pretty (but hard to battle with for photos!)

The bridesmaids were also fairy creatures with their dresses wafting in the little breeze. It was a very emotional day for all the participants with almost as many tears as there was laughter.

A fab paella lunch followed at Le Gouffre, after some stunning moments on the cliffs for their couple photographs.



One Summers Evening

On a lovely evening last week we went out for a beach shoot with a lovely family, and great fun kids. I won’t tell you why the sequence of the kids are laughing SO hard- but I’ll bet you can guess!

Funny, I have a photo similar to this from my childhood with my brothers! What is it with boys…?


Anyway, the mist was gently rolling in, and gave some lovely soft light for the shoot, so after getting the family to run around the dunes for a bit we finished off at the slipway.

Great fun, and despite the guys initial reluctance to participate in the session, I think fun was had by all.

Thanks Andre & Nikki.

5127-048 5127-046 5127-041 5127-036

Margo and Daniel ‘Avant’ shoot

I have a ‘thing’ about a pre-wedding shoot. I think it is such a useful tool to get to know a wedding couple before the Big Day. I think that the bride and groom both feel more relaxed in front of my camera once we have done an ‘avant’ shoot. On the day when I bowl up with all the camera gear I don’t feel like a stranger pointing the camera at them all day, it’s easier all ’round.


So, it was a stonking hot day (not complaining, just sayin’) and we had discussed a beach shoot, but the beaches were crowded and it felt more intimate to avoid the crowds. As we had to re-arrange the shoot it ended up being on a Sunday- the perfect time for a quieter St Peter Port, so that’s where we went.

We had a nice quiet wander around St Peter Port, and discovered some little used lanes, away from the crowds, and the very hot sun.




Looking forward to shooting the wedding next month- I think Daniel has got over his shock!


5127-028 5127-019 5127-009 5127-002

Mum’s ‘Special Birthday’

I’m not going to let on how ‘special’ Mums’ b’day was…. but the children and husband came in the week before the big day, and managed to sneak out without her noticing- never an easy thing to do!

They even bought the lovely family dog with them, a beautiful ‘Goldie’. As I have a ‘Goldie’ myself, I’d have to say I am rather fond of them! We went for a quick spin on L’Ancresse common, with the wind whipping around and it made for some interesting expressions, and hair arrangements!

But Dan & Chloe were sterling in the face of the wind, and we had a great shoot.

So to top it all off, Dad smuggled some champagne to the studio to cool, and Mum was bought in on her (special) birthday without telling her what it was all about! So after a bit of winding her up about having her photo taken, we sat down to enjoy a lovely glass of champagne (oh, the perks of my job!!) while watching the slideshow of all the photos taken on our windy outing.

It was a lovely start to the birthday, and some lovely photographs are now winging their way to the family.


Enjoy, and Happy Birthday Anita!


5126-043 5126-037 5126-028 5126-025 5126-017 5126-013 5126-003

Sweet Abbie

Mum and Dad brought little Abbie in when she was 8 weeks old, and altho she was past the ‘newborn’ stage (photographically speaking) she was very obliging with her smiles and sweet nature. She has such sparkling eyes and didn’t miss a trick! Abbie took in all the goings on in the studio and was a pleasure to shoot.


If you have missed the 10 day limit for the newborn session, you can still have lovely images like these of Abbie, but come in prepared to be a baby ‘prop’!

5123-023 5123-018 5123-011 5123-002 5123-030


Always a delight to have brand new people come in to the studio, and little Remy just a few days old was no exception. With a lovely family to welcome him he was a delight to photograph.

These curly poses can only be done with babies under 10 days old, so please speak to me early about your newborn session.


5124-027 5124-016 5124-003BW

Beach Belles

When Anna and her best friend have birthdays so close together, and share all the same friends a joint party is in order! They proved that ‘Girls just wanna have fun!’

Meeting up with them on Grande Rocque beach for some party fun, hot dogs and lovely homemade cupcakes, games of rounders and lots of leaping and twirling it was a great party!

It made me dizzy to see so many cartwheeling girls. So here are some photos to share the fun. It made for a great party momento to have it recorded in this way, and some very individual ‘Thank-you’ cards to send out afterwards with the group photo on to remember it by.


These are the lazy days of summer, and a childhood to remember.

5116-028 5116-255 5116-001

Baby Perfection -Archie

So often when photographing babies, you need a little magic dust to remove teeny skin blemishes, dribble, and other ‘bits’

These photos are straight out of camera- and I had to throw away many ‘perfect’ images, because Archie’s parents would be here all day when choosing- in fact, they could never choose!

Here is a bit of baby perfection, smiley, sweetness; Archie.

5123-025 5123-012

Sweet Abbie

With the most pouty lips ever, baby Abbie as a delight to photograph. (until she’d had enough by the last photo!) But the lovely scrunched up face of a crying baby is adorable too!5123-002 5123-011 5123-018 5123-023 5123-024 5123-030Ell

London Wedding…

The Goring Hotel, London was the venue of choice for Sam and Dawn’s civil partnership, they had a touching ceremony attended by their four children, and families.

Champagne and laughter flowed as they relaxed with friends. Then the dancing started to fab live music, and went on late into the evening.

ben-026 ben-049 ben-052 ben-063 ben-266 ben-284 ben-285 ben-291 ben-296 ben-298 ben-305 ben-313 ben-324 ben-326 ben-333 ben-340 ben-349 ben-351 ben-361 ben-364 ben-370 ben-375 ben-381 ben-384 ben-386 ben-389 ben-390 2013-06=-582 ben-409 ben-455 ben-464 ben-479

Glen & Karen get married!

Fab day for a wedding! Karen and Glen got married and the sun shone, and the fire engine brought the bride to the

church! A fab entourage of fireman threw confetti over the couple as they left the church. We then went to the ‘cup

and saucer’ (Fort Grey) for photographs, even tho’ the wind was very blowy. I was picking sand out of my hair for

the next two days. Karen looked stunning, and her sister was showing me photos from her wedding album, that I

shot 14 years earlier… and… there were Karen & Glenn as teenagers!

They were still together 14 years on, and finally ready to tie the knot. It was a fun day and a great reception at Bruce

Russel’s Gold and Silversmith cafe- ‘The Mint’. They did a fab job and it was a relaxed informal time.

Congratulations, Karen & Glen.






5122-146 5122-196 5122-200 5122-201 5122-252 5122-264 5122-289

Awesome Abby!

What a little gem she is. Her little mouth kept making ‘fishy lip’ kisses as she opened and closed her little lips.

LOVE the shot in Daddy’s arms where she is blowing kisses to him!5123-007

Josiah and Lizzie get married…

What a fabulous wedding weekend we just had. With our good friends who have moved up to the Lake District.

I love the ‘Wedding Bubble’ you get with off island weddings, staying in the Groom’s family home, and all the little

details that lead up to the big day, and the bbque afterwards. Eating breakfast in the garden, with all the wedding family

sitting around in PJ’s!

Perfect moments of collapse after it’s all over, and not to mention the wedding day itself. It was a full on ceremony, with a

good 200 guests singing fit to raise the roof, always a heart warming sound.

Lizzie’s grandfather, a Vicar, brought a certain solemnity to the proceedings as he married the young couple. It was a moving

service, and according to Grandad, they are now ‘properly’ married because they used the old wedding vows!

It was a bit touch and go as to if Jos and Lizzie would be allowed to kiss during the ceremony as according to Grandad, (a very

traditional Vicar) this was a “new founded idea brought in after the war by the American soldiers!”

Confetti and cake abounded at the village hall, then a ride to a bluebell spot for couple photos, and a special thanks to Sarah & Joshua

for chauffeuring me.

The Ceilidh in the evening was a big hit, I love a good Ceilidh as it gets young and old, and ‘non’ dancers on the floor. A real ‘family’

affair (well, aren’t they all?!)

Anyway, I travel for weddings- do please get in touch for a quote.

Enjoy the photos, and have a great honeymoon in Corfu, Mr & Mrs De la Mare!


5121-001 5121-062 5121-074 5121-135 5121-178 5121-191 5121-265 5121-271 5121-297 5121-389 5121-458 5121-486 5121-488 5121-503 5121-518 5121-524



Jos & Lizzie- now you know who the “car culprits” are! 5121-571




Dave & Maddy’s ‘avant’ shoot

OK, I’m a bit behind here, but I’m not good a blogging everything!


Just get these up- and lo and behold, I’ve just done the wedding!




5115-040 5115-027 5115-001

Amelia Grace… 10 days old

What a little poppet!


5114-034 5114-024 5114-023 5114-013 5114-008 5114-006


Summer fun!


Quick! Here’s summer! Well, you have to shoot the blue skies when you can…

A delightful family, with mum Dawn as a midwife seeing my baby photos in people’s homes decided to book

her family in. So glad she did! Her giggly girls were a delight to photograph, and not shy at all.


We had great fun in the sand dunes.

5117-057 5117-047 5117-042 5117-024 5117-026 5117-027 5117-037

Francesca & David get married!


It’s been a fab weekend for weddings, two in a row. Such lovely people and families. I’ve known both families for decades, but never made

the connection back!

Francesca and David’s wedding was lovely and sunny. And a helpful weekend with both grooms called ‘David’! Didn’t make it any easier when it

came to remembering all the other names in the parties!


This wedding had the unusual reception of being held at Les Vaugrat campsite- a lovely location, and family home to boot!


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Maddy & David get married.


What a fab day for a wedding! It was a pleasure to see Maddy and David get married. Lovely families, lovely people, and

such funny speeches- they had me snorting (don’t think that was very helpful for ‘unobtrusive’ coverage!)

Very tasty wedding cake made by Jeanne- I enjoyed my slice while editing the wedding, seemed appropriate.

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Mae-li…. my newest model! Her are the ‘sneak peak’ images I promised you!

Mae-li, great fun, and she says she is not a ‘girly’ girl, I can see that she’s a modern Miss, but she still rocks the frock!


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Beautiful Blue eyes!

Julian is one of my fav babies- I’ve photographed him since the very first day he was born.
I love watching babies grow, and as I get to see Julian in the studio often, we have a lovely record.

Hello, Blue Eyes!


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Baby Lincon has arrived!

Sweet Lincon, he was as good as gold for his newborn session. Well apart from peeing over Daddy!



IMG_7714 IMG_7659 IMG_7655

Wedding Season

Planning your wedding? Here are some wedding photos for inspiration, I’ve got some fab weddings coming up in the UK this year, as well as locally. Watch this space!

I always love to do wedding photography, and often say that I have the best job in the world, I get people at such momentous times in their lives- Weddings, babies, engagements,

family reunions, and any special event that a family wants to capture, I’m there! It’s a privilege to be able to share with families these most precious times.

If you are planning a wedding, get in touch. I’m happy to meet up and have a chat about your special day.




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