Love is in the air…

They said they were searching for the next Robert Doisneau ‘The Kiss’ shot. I had that hanging on the wall in my house for years!

So I went through my archive of shots, and as it happens I do have a file I label ‘PDA’s’ (Public Displays of Affection) as my camera seems rather draw to them! Watch out it you like to kiss in public, or hold hands, I might be watching! I guess that’s why I enjoy wedding photography so much, people in love just havesuch a ‘feel good’ factor when captured in an image.

So, I submitted one of my photos taken in Seville, Spain. It was during the ‘Ferias’ a lovely colourful dressing up playground for people like me, who love to wander around with the camera.


Follow the link to see the shot.


Long live LOVE! Have a great Valentine’s Day.