Latest works…

It’s a very busy time of year, so posting up the ‘latest works’.

I know I will be thinking of all my clients handing over some amazing Christmas surprises to their family and friends.
My favourite ‘hand-over’ will be of a lady who bravely did a Boudoir session for her husband’s Christmas gift. She had some wonderful corsets to wear and he will have his eyes falling out of his head when he opens his gift!

He was hoping for an up-to-date photo of his wife, but he didn’t expect this!

I’ve made her promise to text me and let me know his reaction! I don’t suppose these photos will ever ┬ámake the website…


In other news, a lovely lady is going to be 100 in Jan, and she and her wonderful family got together for a scones and tea afternoon outing, and I was there to take the official photos. She looks amazing, I hope I’m in such good nick when (if) I get to 100! She did say ┬áto me; ‘Not bad legs for an old lady!’ That made me laugh, ladies are still concerned with looking good, no matter the age- and yes, indeed, great legs!


New babies abound, and also a new prop- my lovely little buggy. Must admit, I may have got a tad carried away, by posing MY new baby in it too! Meet ‘Prince Albert’ my new corgi puppy (known to his friends as Bertie) I think he is adorable, and I’m sure you will agree!


Enjoy a look, and there will be more posted in the new year, once the gifts have been handed out.

Happy Christmas one and all.


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