Baby Love….

Some beautiful babies in this week, I’m going to pop the last two in one post, as I’m a lazy blogger and need to get on processing some other work!

The ‘Lion King’ pose is very popular, but rather tricky to do, well done to this Daddy for holding his arms in a most uncomfortable position for rather a long time, and also to the baby, who was most obliging!

I can get through a newborn baby session in approximately 2 hours, and through using my ‘special’ techniques that I have devised, I have yet to be defeated by a baby who refuses to sleep and curl. I still prefer the newborn session to be taken under 10 days old. Then I can do my ‘baby magic’. 5146-020 5146-009 5143-050 5143-016 5143-022 5143-042 5143-014