Stephanie and Sophie

Two friends one session- it’s the way to go!

If you want a solo shoot, but feel camera shy, just bring along a friend or two. It makes you forget the camera, and feel less

self conscious, and you get some great buddy photos too! We went on an island tour to a few of my outdoor ‘studios’ I have

numbers for them and like to run a circuit of them. I vary which places I use due to light and time of the year/tides etc.

So many variables that it never gets boring or you end up with lots of photos looking the ‘same’. (Altho’ I do admit to some faves!)

Stephanie’s glorious red hair was fab to shoot, and poor girl went home with a headache from all the head banging I had her do!


5128-036 5128-016 5128-007 5128-006 5128-002