Mum’s ‘Special Birthday’

I’m not going to let on how ‘special’ Mums’ b’day was…. but the children and husband came in the week before the big day, and managed to sneak out without her noticing- never an easy thing to do!

They even bought the lovely family dog with them, a beautiful ‘Goldie’. As I have a ‘Goldie’ myself, I’d have to say I am rather fond of them! We went for a quick spin on L’Ancresse common, with the wind whipping around and it made for some interesting expressions, and hair arrangements!

But Dan & Chloe were sterling in the face of the wind, and we had a great shoot.

So to top it all off, Dad smuggled some champagne to the studio to cool, and Mum was bought in on her (special) birthday without telling her what it was all about! So after a bit of winding her up about having her photo taken, we sat down to enjoy a lovely glass of champagne (oh, the perks of my job!!) while watching the slideshow of all the photos taken on our windy outing.

It was a lovely start to the birthday, and some lovely photographs are now winging their way to the family.


Enjoy, and Happy Birthday Anita!


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