Glen & Karen get married!

Fab day for a wedding! Karen and Glen got married and the sun shone, and the fire engine brought the bride to the

church! A fab entourage of fireman threw confetti over the couple as they left the church. We then went to the ‘cup

and saucer’ (Fort Grey) for photographs, even tho’ the wind was very blowy. I was picking sand out of my hair for

the next two days. Karen looked stunning, and her sister was showing me photos from her wedding album, that I

shot 14 years earlier… and… there were Karen & Glenn as teenagers!

They were still together 14 years on, and finally ready to tie the knot. It was a fun day and a great reception at Bruce

Russel’s Gold and Silversmith cafe- ‘The Mint’. They did a fab job and it was a relaxed informal time.

Congratulations, Karen & Glen.






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