Josiah and Lizzie get married…

What a fabulous wedding weekend we just had. With our good friends who have moved up to the Lake District.

I love the ‘Wedding Bubble’ you get with off island weddings, staying in the Groom’s family home, and all the little

details that lead up to the big day, and the bbque afterwards. Eating breakfast in the garden, with all the wedding family

sitting around in PJ’s!

Perfect moments of collapse after it’s all over, and not to mention the wedding day itself. It was a full on ceremony, with a

good 200 guests singing fit to raise the roof, always a heart warming sound.

Lizzie’s grandfather, a Vicar, brought a certain solemnity to the proceedings as he married the young couple. It was a moving

service, and according to Grandad, they are now ‘properly’ married because they used the old wedding vows!

It was a bit touch and go as to if Jos and Lizzie would be allowed to kiss during the ceremony as according to Grandad, (a very

traditional Vicar) this was a “new founded idea brought in after the war by the American soldiers!”

Confetti and cake abounded at the village hall, then a ride to a bluebell spot for couple photos, and a special thanks to Sarah & Joshua

for chauffeuring me.

The¬†Ceilidh in the evening was a big hit, I love a good¬†Ceilidh as it gets young and old, and ‘non’ dancers on the floor. A real ‘family’

affair (well, aren’t they all?!)

Anyway, I travel for weddings- do please get in touch for a quote.

Enjoy the photos, and have a great honeymoon in Corfu, Mr & Mrs De la Mare!


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Jos & Lizzie- now you know who the “car culprits” are! 5121-571